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This podcast explores what it means to turn inward and find the answers within you instead of seeking external approval or validation. It helps you listen to your silent voice within and let that be your guide. I’m a teacher and mentor who works with women to help them make space for what really matters and learn to Love.Being.Human. I’m your guide to learning how to embrace your life, relationships and meaning with beautiful, inspired action. We can work together through group programs, 1:1 mentoring or in my learning community, Within (U)niversity. Join the Within (U)niversity Community and connect with other mindful leaders and creatives forging their own personal path. It’s where you learn to cultivate new levels of peace within yourself and realize what’s possible for your life.
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Jul 16, 2017

How do you dance the dance of your life? Are you living with hope and courage and is this leading you to the right action? If you're looking for some inspiration,  join Vivian today, as she talks to Paula Sprunger, someone who literally wears her heart on her sleeve! Paula is the founder and she's also the heart and soul of the HumaniTee Brand,  which really is her passion, for bringing more love and light into the world.

Recently, Vivian had the wonderful opportunity to spend some delightful time with her.  So, listen in, as Vivian introduces Paula and they have a really heartfelt chat about freedom and friendship and some of the other, truly real and relevant things that contribute to how they dance the dance of their lives.

Show highlights:

  • The story of how humanity came to be.
  • How freedom has become so relevant to Paula, since meeting Vivian about a year ago.
  • Vivian's Magnify Program and how that has really brought everything into focus for Paula over the past year and helped her to see her purpose.
  • What is your purpose right now?
  • The way to follow your intuition is never a straight line.
  • The magnificence of seeing your grown children in their own being.
  • Growing into knowing what love is and experiencing it through having children.
  • How Paula processes fear- always with God in mind.
  • Shifts and changes are really an invitation to experience life.
  • What Paula does to feed her heart.
  • How Paula listens to herself.
  • Paula reminds you that you are important and you really deserve to be good to yourself! It starts with you!


You can find the HumaniTee Brand on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Website: This is where you can see their current collection, sign up for their newsletter and even get pre-access to their new collections.

Magnify will begin again in October 2017, so if you're interested, email Vivian

Jun 25, 2017

Welcome to another chance to be inspired and Turn Inward. In this special Birthday Episode, Vivian shares the nuggets of wisdom she has gained over the past 43 years of her life. Making this episode extra special, Vivian has a chat with her bestie Sarah Dietman. Using the ebb and flow of excellent conversation, this week we dig into the experiences and choices that make us human. How can we set boundaries, let go of limitations, and express ourselves in a way that is authentic and encouraging?

  • The 3 Things that make Vivian feel like a grown up.
  • The power of intimacy and vulnerability.
  • Stages of life, growing and unfolding in new insights.
  • Boundaries are important! We share our understanding and insight.
  • Strategies for decision-making.
  • Discovering the difference between Belonging and Fitting In.
  • A shift towards authenticity makes all the difference.
  • What does it mean to “allow” yourself to do something?
  • Grow your awareness in your feelings to better serve yourself.


Learn more about Sarah

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Jun 11, 2017

Welcome to another opportunity to pause and look inward. Examine your thoughts for a moment. What are they saying? What places feel chaotic? For so many of us, everything feels like a mess. Today is an opportunity to see the truth in things. All is well. This is a chance to welcome the light into your world.

            Humans are also spiritual beings, and if there is a war going on outside of you, look and see how you can solve the war within you. What holds you within the reach of the chaos today? Is it fear? Is it hurt? This week, Vivian wants to encourage you to be happy and free!

  • Chaos exists in the world, but we have an inner power that allows us to change things.
  • We can’t stop suffering, but we can point to the places that are growing in disguise.
  • Your inner spirit and your outer life of action are connected.
  • Heal your pain first.
  • Vivian’s Action Steps to marching through suffering from intention and fearlessness.
  • Take action from love and not fear.


Vivian’s Online Community:

May 21, 2017

Attention all book addicts! Vivian, like so many of us, waits for her box from Amazon with baited breath. Reading opens up all kinds of doors for us, and our personal growth and fulfillment is no exception. This week, Vivian shares a book that has impacted a book from her “virtual bestie” Kyle Cease, who gets what it means to give birth to a new version of himself.

The book is I Hope I Screw This Up, and this week Vivian shares her nuggets of wisdom and insight to inspire you to take the next step towards happiness. Kyle Cease understands that finding happiness is a process: it can be painful, it can be uncomfortable, but it is worth it.

Does this sound like you? Are you ready to let go and jump into a fully realized life? Join Vivian this week with the “Turning Inward” Podcast.

  • Learning to let go means getting bigger.
  • What is trying to express itself through me?
  • Vivian shares excerpts from the book.
  • Discover Kyle Cease’s Two Steps towards getting excited about You.
  • How Vivian used the book to learn how to break the rules.
  • Are you in a shell? How can you tell?
  • Pain can be your teacher. Learning through it helps you drop the illusion.
  • Give birth to a new vision of yourself.


Kyle Cease on Youtube

Online Learning Community:

May 7, 2017

Did you know life can be both your playground and your school? It’s no surprise that life can get hectic. We float from thing to thing without focus and without intention. For many of us, we drift along without any true sense of happiness. Where are the places where you feel out of focus? Often, those are the places we are also unhappy.

“Turning Inward” is a place where Mindset Mentor and Creative Midwife Vivian Carrasco shares her insights on how to live a happier life. This week, Vivian shares how you can train your brain to build focus, resilience, and an overall happier lifestyle. Are you ready to strengthen your attention and intention? Vivian will show you how.

Also in this episode:

  • The problem of our brains being build to hijack our attentions.
  • Feel better, be less stressed out, be happier through training.
  • Learn the steps that you will need to take to find happiness.
  • Bringing back the wandering mind through meditation and awareness.
  • Discover the bilateral highway between the body and the mind.
  • Unpack the research of David Richardson and his Four Pillars of Wellbeing.
  • What is a positive outlook, and how can you make it stronger?
  • Dispelling the myth that our brains cannot change.
  • Creating an intention to build your focus muscles. It’s a workout for your brain!
  • Find a community that supports your growth.


Online Learning Community:

Apr 23, 2017

Have you ever asked yourself if there's a better way to live? Have you ever wondered if you could be better? Do better? If you have, then Vivian has a hunch that you're ready to wake up and change. Listen in to find out why she thinks so and what you can do to assist the process.

This episode is a conversation with you, to give you a nudge and find out if you're ready to wake up and begin the process of transforming yourself. Vivian explains that the reason for wondering about a better way to live is because the act of bringing something into your awareness, allows for a choice, or a change. It's a way for you to become aware and design a different way for yourself and you already have everything you need, in order to do that. She points out that you can't avoid pain in your life, however, it is within your control to lessen your suffering. Listen in as Vivian explains how you can use your attention to change your brain so that you can begin to wake up and see things more clearly.

Today, Vivian discusses:

  • That the thread throughout this episode is whether you're above or below the line.
  • A visual aid to help you help you to find out whether you're above or below the line and what it means.
  • What Twenty-First Century Training is all about.
  • That wherever you rest your attention, you're going to take in information.
  • Becoming aware of where you place your attention because it shapes who you are.
  • Why you need to pause before you take action.
  • Accessing the part of your brain where all the juice of life is- in the pre-frontal cortex.
  • Creating a choice for yourself, above the line.
  • What expanded awareness (above the line) looks like.
  • An explanation of Michael Beckwith, of the Agape International Spiritual Centre's model of the template on the evolution of our consciousness, or the different ways of being.
  • How you can bring more awareness to your natural wiring.
  • Books that Vivian recommends, by Dr. Dan Siegel, about using your awareness to change your brain.
  • No matter what your specific default state is, you really can change it.
  • That there is nothing holding you back, but yourself.
  • How to know when you've been hijacked by your brain.
  • Moving from surviving to thriving.


Recommended books: Life Visioning by Michael Beckwith

                                 Mind and Brainstorm by Dr. Dan Siegel

Apr 9, 2017

Today's show is inspired by one of Vivian's favorite mystics, Anthony de Mello. His last book, The Last Meditations of Anthony de Mello, The Way To Love, is a book that she keeps very close at hand and refers to often, as she resonates so closely with his writings. Listen to today's show and learn how to really love and accept yourself and develop your awareness, through the teachings of Anthony de Mello.


Vivian explains that the premise of his writing is that love springs from awareness- and awareness is really her thing! She points out that in order for us to truly begin to love, we have to awaken that awareness and it's really not that easy. In fact, it's painful - as de Mello says, “The most painful act is the act of seeing, but in that act of seeing, love is born.” Vivian explains that most of us are really not content to be ourselves because we are programmed from birth to be dissatisfied- or to be anything other than what we really are! She points out that any change that you make is always accompanied by inner conflict. She talks about how people suffer from seeing the achievements of others that they believe not to be possible for themselves. She also talks about how difficult it is for most people to be kind to themselves and what a challenge it is for people to simply accept who they are. Listen in today, as Vivian shares more of her wisdom, as inspired by the mystical writing of Anthony de Mello.


Today, Vivian discusses:


  • Why most people really tend to disregard their own gifts.
  • The Way of Self-Understanding.
  • Why everything that she does is around awakening and awareness.
  • Observing and studying yourself, without judgment, rather than trying to change yourself.
  • What will happen to you from observing yourself, rather than trying to change?
  • What happens to people, as a result of the transforming light of awareness.
  • The difference between ego violence and nature violence.
  • The amazing effect of awareness on your neurological system.
  • Why you need to notice what enlivens you and really brings you to life.
  • Noticing where your life becomes drained from you.
  • Risking failure and really not knowing.
  • Chiseling away at the layers that cover your soul.
  • How you can touch your own heart- be still, wait patiently and watch closely.
  • Allow the discomfort- don't push it away and wait patiently.



Mar 26, 2017

Vivian is back on the show, after several months sabbatical. She naturally follows the Texas Two Step process, in that she tends to withdraw at times because she's leveling up.  Join Vivian today, as she starts out with a little freestyle, for you to get to know her again.


Today, Vivian explains what caused her to withdraw this time and she talks about the different formats that she's gone through with this show, since starting out, years ago. She says that although she finds that the deepest fulfillment and meaning for her, come from working with people one on one, she's still committed to her promise to continue to show up on the podcast. She feels good about the transformation that's gone on over the last number of years, since she was downloaded with the set of instructions to love being human and she used this podcast as a way to turn around and offer these instructions to you, as well. Listen in today, as Vivian shares what she knows in her knowing and returns to the show, to hand the tools over.


Today, Vivian talks about:


  • How she retreated from her instructions, after being hit by a car in 2013. Not her highest choice.
  • That her work is about growing in awareness
  • That noticing, naming and nurturing allows things to fall away without effort.
  • What happens as you grow in confidence and courage and develop your skills of awareness.
  • Why this podcast is called Turning Inward.
  • Who she serves.
  • That turning your focus inward sharpens your saw.
  • That you don't have to be religious, but you do need to have faith.
  • Being grounded in your own values and turning towards love.
  • What she does, for the most part, through maintaining a Spiritual Practice.
  • That she will help you in developing your own, personal Spiritual Practice.
  • Moving slow and steady in working out what is really for the greater good.
  • Developing a Spiritual Practice, as a Modern Mystic.
  • That she works with people all around the world.
  • Hot Yoga- a nice way to set your soul on fire.
  • That she will be opening another Magnify small group in October this year.
  • The work that she does with people.



Vivian's website:


Vivian's email:


Mar 12, 2017

Do you find yourself looking for ways to avoid the pain and discomfort that change inevitably brings? Would you like to find out how to best deal with this unavoidable aspect of your growth? Then join Vivian today, as she offers her gentle guidance to nudge you away from logic and into your heart.


On today's show, Vivian talks about change in identity. She talks about her own transformation and how she knew that she had to deepen her practice and commit full force to calming her mind and all its noise. She explains that she has learned to observe her reactions, rather than being subject to them and how this shift has brought so much joy into the process.  Listen in today, as Vivian shares her insights and encourages you to enjoy creating your world and discover how you can transform your anxieties, worries, and stress into something that you can deal with.


Today, Vivian discusses:


  • That the essence of you comes from your heart, not your head.
  • How she would keep searching for the reason that she was afraid- and upon finding it, she could face it.
  • That any change will bubble up fear in you and why it's unavoidable.
  • That life's questions are answered through gentle inquiry.
  • The difference between guiding people and teaching and leading them.
  • That her vocation and service is is holding the space for her community to move through their own identity shifts- and loving you hard through all of that.
  • The death and rebirth which occurs throughout your life.
  • Who the true self really is.
  • How much more you can see, when you look through your heart.
  • That transformation takes courage.


Vivian's website:

Vivian's email:


Feb 26, 2017

Do you realize that you're actually much smarter than you think you are? Would you like to find out why, or how you can come to see that for yourself? Then join Vivian today and learn about how you can go about raising your awareness and developing your insight.  


Today, Vivian talks about the Five Day Experience that she hosted in January and has now made available for you on her website. She describes it as a slow drip of daily insight to bring awareness to the fact that you're smarter than you think you are. She discusses what she leads you through in it and that the core intention is not one of self-help because you're not broken. She also discusses how, after a transformational process, people have a tendency to go back to logic and looking for facts, like trying to figure out a maths problem- and that's just not the way that it works. So, slow down, listen in and learn about how you can tap into your own inner wisdom, by becoming aware of what's going on in and around you. You're going to love this show!


Today, Vivian talks about:


  • A relevant and beautiful speech by David Foster Wallace, that she shares a part of with you today.
  • How we all tend to get lost in the intellect.
  • Her own recent transformation and how she found herself looking for the logic in it- knowing that that it wasn't going to serve her.
  • That you need to keep reminding yourself to pay attention to what's right in front of you and to what's going on inside of you.
  • That her Five Day Experience is not about self-help, it's training and insight that will take you through.
  • That she got the name 'You're Smarter Than You're Thinking' from Winnie The Pooh.
  • She goes through what she teaches on each day, in her You're Smarter Than You're Thinking Five Day Experience.





Vivian's website:


Go to to join Vivian's Five Day Experience



Resource: David Foster Wallace Speech -


Feb 5, 2017
The Dichotomy of Decisions

If you're looking for the right kind of inspiration to become all that you can be, without holding back, join Vivian today, as she encourages you to lean into the best within you and let all your actions come from a place of love and peace.


Today, Vivian ponders something that came up twice in her recent dreams- twins. After the second dream, she understood that it was telling her that two things can both be true at the same time. Today she talks about how we often make a choice, choosing one thing and disregarding the other, without considering that both could be appropriate. She talks about how healthy it is to have love as the motivation for all your actions and reminds you that no matter how big you can dream, the potential for what you can actually do is even bigger than that... but you have to be open to it, to let it happen. She also points out that it's possible for you to do your very best, and yet accept that the outcome is outside of your control. Join Vivian today and discover so much more within yourself than you have ever believed possible.


Today, Vivian talks about:

  • How difficult it was for her to accept the idea that she deserves what she has and that she deserves even more.
  • The inspiration she got from a conference she attended over the weekend.
  • The question she asked herself: “Can I be all of me? Will that be okay?”
  • Her fundamental belief that God is love.
  • Her teachings revolving around kindness and love and taking inspired action.
  • Opening yourself to receive more than you already have.
  • Letting your actions spring from love and peace.
  • Any action done in love is spiritual.
  • Her definition of fear.
  • How fear depletes your resources.
  • A Cognitive Behaviour Therapy model which aligns with love being human.

Vivian's website:             


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Jan 16, 2017
You're Smarter Than Your Thinking

Where are you right now? Do you dare to dream, or are you still bogged down by life? On today's episode of Turning Inward, Vivian Carrasco shares candidly about how she used to be stuck in the mud until she realized that she had created that for herself.  She asks you if you're still stuck, or if you have managed as yet, to reach the place of giving yourself permission to wonder. 


Vivian, a change maker, mindset mentor, Life Coach and Master Life Coach, has the gift of seeing into the heart of things. Join her today, as she helps you to discover that you too, can love being human.


Today, Vivian talks about:


  • Some of her old ideas, which did not work for her.
  • Finding your True Soul Desire
  • The first step- beginning to shift your gaze.
  • The process of turning inward and taking responsibility for yourself.
  • The second step- where you start to wonder what if?
  • Becoming ready to dream and consider.
  • Her digital workshop, Design Your Life Digital and how it can give you permission to dream.
  • The necessity of moving beyond your thoughts.
  • Her Yoga Church and her initial resistance to starting it.
  • Her simple, but not easy process.
  • How she realised that she had lost her sense of direction during her dark years.
  • Her Pink Spoon Class-a free 5 day experience with Within University.
  • How Within University comes directly from the experiences of Vivian's former clients and why it will be worth your while to invest in it.




Vivian's website:             


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For Vivian's free Pink Spoon Class:


Jan 1, 2017
Dealing with Doubt

Would you love to live free of doubt and experience more of the joy that life has to offer? If so, listen in to today's episode of Turning Inward, with Dr. Vivian Carrasco and discover new ways to make your experiences deeper, fuller and far more enjoyable. 


Today's episode is about doubt. Join Vivian as she shares her wisdom and explains why you need to unlearn that which no longer serves you. She also discusses how doubt can steal joy right out of your heart.  You don't want to miss this episode!


Today, Vivian talks about:


  • Million dollar moments.
  • A fascinating incident that occurred during a retreat, demonstrating the effects of doubt.
  • Some wise words from her good friend.
  • How people can sometimes use doubt to protect others.
  • How we tend to interpret new information based on previous beliefs.
  • The need to unlearn old ideas so you can learn new, fresh ones.
  • The need for faith in order to grow.
  • The need for security in humans.
  • An alternative suggestion to goal setting for the new year.
  • How you can develop courage.
  • Her “Texas Twostep” and how it can help you.
  • The same three ways in which you are both controlled and can be set free.


Links: Vivian's website: