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This is where you and I meet....
in the yearning, in that seeking for understanding yourself better.
The journey requires a letting go of your need for doing, fitting in, and looking for outward validation and instead enjoy being, belonging, and awakening to the deep mysterious world within.
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Jul 5, 2020

When we feel emotions of overwhelm, anger, or discontent creeping up on us, we have the ability to redirect those feelings. When you look at how we experience the world, it all comes down to brain patterns.

Today, Vivian Carrasco unveils how we can reprogram those brain patterns, cultivate the art of surprise, and allow ourselves to feel joy despite the negativity we may be experiencing.

If you want to learn how to develop the freedom to feel good in every situation, join Vivian in this conversation. 

Show Highlights: 

  • How we can change our brain patterns to shift our experience 
  • Why we should stop focusing on what’s wrong and start focusing on what's wrong 
  • Moving in the direction of what you want and what brings you joy 
  • How you can always tap into your joy 
  • How to discover if something is giving you the power to feel good or not 
  • Finding ways to find beauty in your daily life 
  • How to take advantage of surprises 
  • Reflective questions that may offer a crack in your awareness and bring new perspective 
  • Notice what brings joy and love out of you 
  • Why time and practice are crucial to shifting your mindset