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This is where you and I meet....
in the yearning, in that seeking for understanding yourself better.
The journey requires a letting go of your need for doing, fitting in, and looking for outward validation and instead enjoy being, belonging, and awakening to the deep mysterious world within.
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Aug 7, 2016

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Candi Freed knew something had to give. She had an epiphany and nothing has been the same since that time. Candy is here today to talk about her change. She wasn’t happy and her life wasn’t fulfilling, and she actually did something about it.


In this episode Candi also discusses:



  • Why Candi thought she was having a nervous breakdown
  • How she feels calm now and why that was so hard to come by
  • What changed about her life to bring it into connectedness
  • Why Candi feels called to go out and share her story with the world
  • Why stillness is so important
  • The classroom of our lives and what it teaches us
  • How magic eyes can change your perspective
  • How rest has changed and she no longer suffers from insomnia
  • How her Guides have led her



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