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This is where you and I meet....
in the yearning, in that seeking for understanding yourself better.
The journey requires a letting go of your need for doing, fitting in, and looking for outward validation and instead enjoy being, belonging, and awakening to the deep mysterious world within.
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Dec 18, 2016

Are you seeking more meaning in your life?  Do you see the value in getting to know who you really are? If this is true for you, listen in to Vivian Carrasco, as she honestly shares her story and reveals her vulnerability, so that you can become inspired to dig deeper into yourself to find your own truth.


Join Vivian, a creative midwife and mindset mentor, on today's episode of “Turning Inward”. She will help you in navigating the interior sea of life and your restless heart, by unearthing your own personal truth, your insight, and your inner knowing, through awareness.


Join Vivian today as she talks about:


  • Letting go of what no longer serves you.
  • The value of following your heart, even though it's difficult.
  • How you create your own meaning.
  • What she realized through her deep journey of getting to know herself.
  • The message she received through a recent meditation, about becoming a healing power.
  • Why she's no longer afraid.
  • How exploring her fear lead her to discover another, deeper fear.
  • Her most precious stones.
  • How she tripped up in her 'meaning making' in the past.
  • The importance of uncovering what's underneath, what you don't see, in finding meaning in your life.





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