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This is where you and I meet....
in the yearning, in that seeking for understanding yourself better.
The journey requires a letting go of your need for doing, fitting in, and looking for outward validation and instead enjoy being, belonging, and awakening to the deep mysterious world within.
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Dec 28, 2014

Turning Inward

Deeper connections through meaningful conversation


Fall 2014

Season One Episode 5

Exploring the question, What is Courage?

The unexamined life is not worth living.



Underpinning of Love_Being_Human journey is Courage


Courage is when you face or listen to your fear. Courage and fear are dance partners


Harmony and integration of our difference


How do we synchronize our mind and body?


Finding our own simple practices in our everyday lives


“My Eyes So Soft” 

by Hafiz, trans. Daniel Ladinsky

Don't surrender your loneliness so quickly. 

Let it cut more deep.

Let it ferment and season you 

As few human or even divine ingredients can.

Something missing in my heart tonight 

Has made my eyes so soft, 

My voice so tender,

My need of God 



Dr. Vivian Carrasco 

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 Creator of the Love.Being.Human Health and Well-Being Model 

 Author of the forthcoming book, 

 The Art of Harmony Within: Integrating Your Intellect, Your Heart Wisdom and Gut Instinct 

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