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This is where you and I meet....
in the yearning, in that seeking for understanding yourself better.
The journey requires a letting go of your need for doing, fitting in, and looking for outward validation and instead enjoy being, belonging, and awakening to the deep mysterious world within.
Here’s how we can work together:
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Mar 31, 2019

Today’s episode is another heart to heart conversation with Nancy and Char. We’re talking about meaning and story, and how our different perspectives affect how we view events. We talk about how we are interconnected as humans, but also struggle to stay in our own lane and mind our own business despite...

Mar 17, 2019

Growth is a natural process, but it never gets any easier. Learning to find peace and comfort in transitional seasons is the greatest skill you’ll ever master. Today, Candace Palmo, editor and literary midwife, shares anecdotes from her farm and enlightening messages she’s received from nature that have helped her...